Experience since 1962

Herbert Haun has been established in Obrigheim since 1962. The development and manufacture of high quality microphones was and is the essential motivation of all people associated with MBHO.

95 % of each product is actually handmade.

In the past the MBHO microphone factory had been associated with the well known MB QUART company.

Industry customers

Many well known industry customers like Telefunken, Strässer, Dual, Grundig, ITT, Saba, US-Clearcom, Audix and the highly acclaimed Brauner valve tube microphones have been satisfied partners of MBHO.


Herbert Haun - CEOThe personal background of Herbert Haun is more than impressive. His education was done at Bayer years ago, since then he was always involved in the production of microphones.

Manfred Schneider - Chief EngineerMBHO's chief engineer, Manfred Schneider, was involved for a long time with the famous Dr. Schoeps.

This background should give you confidence regarding the products and their quality.


We offer a limited lifetime guarantee for all of our products.


MBHO GmbH Mikrofonbau Haun - state of the art microphones handmade in Germany